New Year, New Thrills!

As we speed into the second month of 2021, Skyline Attractions continues to innovate and push the limits within the theme park industry and beyond. New rides, new technologies, and new ideas all highlight Skyline's creativity and commitment to the future of our industry.

We highlight some of our recent projects and partnerships in this newsletter, including a record-breaking thrill ride, a virtual event for young industry professionals, and some of our premier services that are available before the 2021 season kicks off soon.

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SKYnext Reunion

In November, Skyline Attractions hosted its first SKYnext Reunion. Skyline previously hosted in-person SKYnext events for young industry professionals. This virtual reunion allowed everyone to reconnect, share their tools to success, and further network. We also had the privilege of hosting two industry veterans who shared their stories and advice with the eager audience.

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Record Roller Coaster

Skyline has continued its Great partnership with Great Coasters International, offering its design and engineering services to the world's leading wooden roller coaster manufacturer. Following the smashing success of Texas Stingray at SeaWorld San Antonio last year, we're excited to partake in the design and creation of Bombay Express at Bollywood Parks Dubai. The record-breaking ride will open this year.

Titan Track

Another recent project with Great Coasters International is our design and engineering work on the revolutionary new, weld-free Titan Track. Titan Track is steel roller coaster track that is ideal for re-tracking high stress areas on pre-existing rides, adding unique new elements to older attractions, or even building new ground-up rides. A 55-foot segment has already been tested at Fun Spot America and has been met with rave reviews!

Skywarp Orbit

Skywarp Orbit is the newest member of the Skywarp galaxy! The ride is perfect for any park or family entertainment center. It offers BIG fun, thrills, and impact, all with a small price tag, footprint, and maintenance cost! The ride pairs a thrilling cutback inversion with an airtime hill, creating back-to-back excitement for its riders. Skywarp Orbit is available with one or two trains with a price tag starting under $2 million.

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Park Infrastructure

Skyline provides a diverse collection of park infrastructure services for locations of any size. Our offerings include queue gate design and fabrication, structural analysis, ride commissioning, and 3D animations!

Do you have a project that Skyline can help transform from dream to reality? Contact us today to get started!

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Skyline Pets

As a fun conclusion to each newsletter, we highlight a pet from a member of the Skyline team.

Pictured is Duff, one of our Design Engineer Anya's pets. Duff is a Great Dane and was adopted in 2017. While he started as a pint-sized pup, he's now grown so big that he's almost tall enough to ride a Skywarp! He's still a puppy at heart though!



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