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Skyline Attractions offers a diverse collection of amusement rides, from the child-friendly Crazy Couch to the more-thrilling but still family-friendly collection of Skywarp roller coasters. Our rides are the best low-cost attractions for any amusement park or family entertainment center, thanks to their small footprints and innovative engineering. They're the perfect addition as the industry starts to rebound!

In addition to our catalogue of American-made rides, Skyline also offers design and engineering solutions. Our talented team of engineers have worked on projects around the globe, including record-breaking wooden roller coasters and unique innovations outside the amusement industry.

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Skyline Attractions Crazy Couch

Crazy Couch

This is the wackiest couch you've ever seen! Up to ten passengers tilt side-to-side and up-and-down on this popular children's ride. Crazy Couches have already been installed in Florida, Iowa, Illinois, and even Saudi Arabia! The ride is perfect for small and big parks alike with its low maintenance and small footprint, and can fit in anywhere with its limitless theming opportunities.

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Skyline Attractions Orbit

Skywarp Orbit

Skywarp Orbit is the newest member of the Skywarp galaxy! The ride is perfect for any park or family entertainment center. It offers BIG fun, thrills, and impact, all with a small price tag, footprint, and maintenance cost! The ride is available with one or two trains and pairs a thrilling cutback inversion with an airtime hill, creating back-to-back excitement for its riders.

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Skyline Attractions Horizon

Skywarp Horizon

Skywarp Horizon combines hangtime and airtime on a unique figure-eight layout. The two trains crisscross over and under each other, creating an exciting visual for guests both on and off the ride. The family-friendly thrill ride is perfect for everyone, especially the younger riders who are ready to graduate from kiddie land but not yet ready for the biggest rides.

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Skyline Design Engineering Services

Design and Engineering Services

Did you know that Skyline offers an array of design and engineering services across the industry? We've worked with other manufacturers and some of the world's most popular theme parks to solve challenging problems and find innovative solutions. We'd love to tackle your next project and transform it from dream to reality!

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Skyline Design Queue Gates

Queue Gate Design & Fabrication

One example of Skyline's design and engineering services is queue gates! Whether they're for a new installation or a pre-existing attraction, our queue gates comply with applicable ASTM standards and can already be found at many amusement parks across the United States.

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Skyline Attractions Orbit
Skyline Attractions Horizon
Skyline Design Texas Stingray

Skyline Pets

As a fun conclusion to each newsletter, we highlight a pet from a member of the Skyline team.

Pictured is Petey (short for Petunia), a Victorian bulldog and the stepdog of Skyline Vice President and Partner Chris Gray. Petey loves belly rubs, swimming in the pool, and trips on the lake.



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