The past twelve months have been a roller coaster of a year, but it's now spring 2021 and the amusement industry is on track for a great season. We're absolutely thrilled for parks to reopen, new rides to make their debuts, and the industry to rebound!

In our April newsletter we'll take a look at some past and present Skyline projects, including our partnership with Great Coasters International and the five year anniversary of one of our favorite rides that you may not have known that Skyline worked on in a unique way.

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Bombay Express

Bombay Express to Open in 2021

A massive new wooden roller coaster, Bombay Express, is set to open this year at Bollywood Parks Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Skyline designed and engineered Bombay Express as part of our great partnership with Great Coasters International. The behemoth of a ride has an estimated 100,000 structural bolts, ranging from 1.75" to 14" in length. Some assembly required!

Cobra's Curse Head

5 Years of Cobra's Curse at Busch Gardens

Cobra's Curse at Busch Gardens Tampa opened in June 2016, making 2021 the family thrill ride's fifth anniversary. Skyline provided its engineering services in conjunction with Ashland Technologies to create the internal support structure of the ride's signature six-story snake. Skyline has also offered similar services for other major amusement and theme parks.

Skyline Attractions Horizon

Skywarp Horizon: Big Thrills, Small Footprint

Skywarp Horizon is a family-friendly roller coaster that combines airtime and inversion with a pair of crisscrossing trains, creating exciting visuals for guests both on and off the ride. The first installation opened at SeaWorld San Diego in 2019. The coaster is fun for everyone, especially the younger riders who are ready to graduate from kiddie land but not yet ready for the biggest rides.

Click here to watch Skywarp Horizon in action!

Texas Stingray

Texas Stingray: One Year Later

Texas Stingray at SeaWorld San Antonio was among only a handful of new rides to open in 2020, debuting last February. The ride was manufactured by Great Coasters International with its design and engineering provided by Skyline. It's the tallest, fastest, and longest wooden roller coaster in the state of Texas, and a year later it remains incredibly popular. Did you know that we created new software to expedite the design and fabrication process? That same software is now being used for a line-up of future projects!

National Roller Coaster Museum

National Roller Coaster Museum Display

Skyline has been a big supporter of the National Roller Coaster Museum in Texas for years. We love amusement park history, and the NRCM has done an amazing job preserving it! One example is the classic train from the Rollo Coaster at Idlewild Park in Pennsylvania. Skyline provided its engineering and design services to help create this impressive display for the train, spanning between the museum's upper and lower levels.

Watch the construction of this exhibit here!

Skyline Design Engineering Services

Queue Gate Design and Fabrication

Practically every ride has queue gates and rails, but have you ever considered the work behind them? From complying with applicable ASTM standards to fitting within existing locations, there's a lot of design and engineering involved. Skyline provides a complete package for queue gate design and fabrication, including detailed drawing packages and installation support. Our work can be found at parks from California to Florida.

Interested in more information about our gates? Click here to contact us today!

Skyline Attractions Orbit
Skyline Attractions Horizon
Skyline Design Texas Stingray

Skyline Pets

As a fun conclusion to each newsletter, we highlight a pet from a member of the Skyline team.

Pictured is Abby, Skyline Treasurer and Partner Evan's dog. Abby is a feist mix and just turned 12 years old on April 1 (happy belated birthday, Abby!), but she's still a puppy at heart. Abby loves joining Evan for hikes, creating nests of blankets on the couch, and striking a pose for the camera.



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