As the amusement industry continues its recovery and parks prepare for busy summer seasons, Skyline is ready to roll forward with the future of the theme park world. We're involved with an exciting slew of future projects across the industry, including a record-breaking attraction and a new park. We can't share too many details just yet, but we can share some of our recent work and an exciting anniversary for one of our favorite rides!

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Bombay Express

Tidal Twister Turns 2!

SeaWorld San Diego opened Tidal Twister, the first Skywarp Horizon, in May 2019. The compact family thrill ride includes an airtime hill above a zero-g roll, creating a ride that's just as exciting to watch as it is to ride. The roller coaster has proven a fan favorite at the California park, especially for younger thrill seekers ready for their first upside-down ride.

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Cobra's Curse Head

Conceptual Renders for New Thrill Ride

Skyline created conceptual animation and images for the the newest thrill ride from US Thrill Rides. Not only did we create beautiful daytime and nighttime renders of this one-of-a-kind ride, but we also created a hype video which perfectly showcases the dynamics of this impressive thrill ride. In addition, Skyline has created beautiful concept art for other manufacturers and its own collection of rides.

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Skyline Attractions Horizon

Infinity Flyers Are Ready to Roll

First revealed at the IAAPA Attractions Expo 2018, the Infinity Flyers are the next generation of wooden roller coaster trains. The innovative design reduces maintenance and allows for tighter turns, stronger forces, and the ability to navigate a slew of exciting new elements. Skyline designed and engineered the Infinity Flyers for Great Coasters International and has coordinated with the GCI team on manufacturing and testing the trains.

Texas Stingray

Crazy Couch the Perfect Children's Ride

Alongside its design and engineering work on major thrill rides, Skyline also offers a one-of-a-kind children's ride that's perfect for any park or family entertainment center: Crazy Couch. This is the wackiest couch you've ever seen, tilting up to ten passengers side-to-side and up-and-down. The ride is ideal with its low maintenance, small footprint, and limitless theming opportunities.

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Skyline Design Engineering Services

Skyline's Design & Engineering Services

Did you know that Skyline offers an array of design and engineering services across the industry? We've worked with other manufacturers and some of the world's most popular theme parks to solve challenging problems and find innovative solutions. Our services include structural analysis, mechanical design, and complete drawing packages.

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Skyline Attractions Orbit
Skyline Attractions Horizon
Skyline Design Texas Stingray

Skyline Pets

As a fun conclusion to each newsletter, we highlight a pet from a member of the Skyline team.

Pictured is Harley, Skyline Design Engineer Tyler's cat. Harley is a mischievous black and white cat who spends her days napping in the sun, climbing onto counters and other places that she's not supposed to be, and watching the sights and sounds of Orlando from the windowsill. She just celebrated her third birthday last monthhappy belated birthday, Harley!



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