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Skyline has tackled amusement industry projects around the globe and has had a hand in rides both big and small. And when we say big and small, we mean really big and really small... on the small side, we just completed a pair of miniature models of some of Orlando's favorite roller coasters. And on the big side, a world-record wooden roller coaster that dwarfs the competition and is progressing closer to completion.

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Kraken Roller Coaster Model

Kraken & Mako Models at SeaWorld Orlando

What better way to start an early morning at SeaWorld Orlando than with a coffee, and what better place to get one than the newly-opened Coaster Coffee Company? Skyline had a hand in the new shop by creating two custom, working roller coaster models inspired by the park's own Kraken and Mako roller coasters. The models stretch a combined 118 feet and are the newest in the long list of models that our own Chris Gray has created.

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Dubai Record-Breaking Wooden Coaster

Dubai Coaster Nears Completion

A record-breaking wooden roller coaster at Bollywood Parks Dubai is nearing completion and more information is slowly being released. One such piece of info is that this behemoth of a ride will boast 33 discrete moments of airtime, more than any other wooden roller coaster on the planet. Skyline has worked with Great Coasters International over the past few years to bring this one-of-a-kind ride to life, and we cannot wait to see it open soon!

Titan Track Steel Roller Coaster Track

Titan Track Ready to Revolutionize Industry

Another recent project with Great Coasters International is Titan Track, a steel roller coaster track that is ready to revolutionize the amusement industry. We designed and engineered this weld-free track to be used for re-tracking existing wooden coasters, enhancing older attractions with new elements, or even building new ground-up rides. A 55-foot test section has been successfully running at Fun Spot America for over half a year and has been met with rave reviews!

Skyline Design Engineering Services

Skyline's Design & Engineering Services

Alongside our thrilling rides and impressive models, Skyline also offers an array of design and engineering services across the industry. These services have included structural analysis, queue gate fabrication, ride commissioning, and 3D animations.

Do you have a project that Skyline can help transform from dream to reality? Contact us today to get started!

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Jeff Puppies

Skyline Pets

As a fun conclusion to each newsletter, we highlight a pet from a member of the Skyline team.

Pictured is a literal basketful of puppies, the offspring of Skyline President Jeff's dogs Happy and Rocket. The canine couple had nine adorable pups a few years ago, all of which were then adopted into their forever homes. Despite the dogs no longer being with Jeff, this photo was too adorable not to share!



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