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The team at Skyline Attractions combines nearly a century of industry experience to bring fan-favorite amusement attractions to life. From the pint-sized Crazy Couch ride to the record-breaking Texas Stingray at SeaWorld San Antonio, we've had a hand in rides big and small. But did you know that we offer a lot more than just amusement ride manufacturing and design? Skyline also provides an array of design and engineering services, conceptual renderings, miniature models, and more, both inside and outside of the amusement industry!

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Mako Roller Coaster Model

Kraken & Mako Models at SeaWorld Orlando

As shared in our last newsletter, Skyline's own Chris Gray recently completed a pair of operating roller coaster models for the new Coaster Coffee Company at SeaWorld Orlando. The models are inspired by the Kraken and Mako roller coasters at the park and are just the latest large-scale models Gray has created.

Click here to learn more about the models and their creation over at!

Great Coasters Dueling Model

GCI Dueling Wooden Roller Coaster Model

One of our favorite roller coaster models was this massive dueling wooden roller coaster model we built for Great Coasters International for the IAAPA 2018 Expo. The behemoth of a ride contained 740 unique bents, each built by hand. Models are a surefire way to grab attention and get people talking, which is why we've now built them for multiple manufacturers and parks.

Do you have an upcoming project that you want to unveil with style? Contact us today to discuss a custom-built model!

SkyBlazer US Thrill Rides Rendering

Conceptual Rendering for US Thrill Rides

In addition to photo-realistic models, Skyline also creates stunning 3D renders of attraction concepts. A recent example is the SkyBlazer, a one-of-a-kind pendulum thrill ride by US Thrill Rides. Skyline brought the attraction to life with high-quality imagery and a professionally-edited video. This type of media is instrumental in generating buzz for any new concept!

Learn more about SkyBlazer here!

Contact us to discuss bringing your own concept idea to life!

Infinity Flyers Train Design

The Next Generation of Wood Coaster Trains

Skyline collaborated with Great Coasters International to design and engineer the Infinity Flyers, the next generation of trains for wooden roller coasters. The train's revolutionary design allows for tighter turns, steeper drops, and thrilling inversions, plus reduced maintenance, thanks to its modular design that limits the number of welds. Infinity Flyers can be installed on existing rides or included as the rolling stock on brand-new attractions.

Skyline Design Engineering Services

Skyline's Design & Engineering Services

Alongside our thrilling rides and impressive models, Skyline also offers design and engineering services both inside and outside of the amusement industry. Some of our recent work includes structural analysis, queue gate design and fabrication, and ride commissioning.

Do you have a project that Skyline can help transform from dream to reality? Contact us today to get started!

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Skyline Attractions Horizon
Skyline Design Texas Stingray
Lila Skyline Pet

Skyline Pets

As a fun conclusion to each newsletter, we highlight a pet from a member of the Skyline team.

Lila is the older of Design Engineer Anya's two dogs (the younger being Duff, who was our first Skyline Pet featured). Lila is an 8-year-old German shepherd blue heeler mix and was adopted in 2015. She loves bouncing around and playing with her little brother Duff.



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