Skyline Attractions is heading to IAAPA

Come ride and play at booth 3873!
Strike-U-Up will be returning to IAAPA this year, after a summer spent making money for parks of various sizes! Visit us to ride, strike, and talk to us about what Strike-U-Up can do for your facility!

See for yourself the crowds it draws and the excitement it radiates! This debut GamesURide product is pure fun!
Crazy Couch making its anticipated debut
Alongside Strike-U-Up at the show will be Crazy Couch, which we announced last month. This American-made kids' ride achieves unique motions through clever design techniques, resulting in an easy-to-maintain and money-making package for less than $99,000!
Interest has been crazy big, resulting in a purchase of Crazy Couch even before it rolled off the production line! The ride seats up to 10 kids per cycle, or up to eight kids with two adults. Mobile and fixed-site models are available, which are both crazy simple to operate and well-supported by Skyline.
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