KID FLASHâ„¢ Cosmic Coaster


Our Work

Skyline Attractions is designing and engineering KID FLASHâ„¢ Cosmic Coaster for Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio, Texas, USA. The ride is one of the first installations of the P’Sghetti Bowl Children’s Coaster, which utilizes an innovative weld-free track to streamline the fabrication process, reduce long-term maintenance, and offer an incredibly smooth ride experience. The attraction will also feature the Aurora LED lighting package, allowing the attraction to shine day or night.

Learn more about the first P’Sghetti Bowl in our press release!

The Stats

Footprint162 ft x 83 ft [49.5 m x 25.3 m]
(Fits under 32 ft [9.8 m] ceiling!)
Height24.5 ft [7.5 m]
Length566.5/591.8 ft [172.7/180.4 m]
Theoretical Hourly Capacity1200 riders
Power Requirement100 kW

KID FLASHâ„¢ Cosmic Coaster Conceptual Images

Construction Images