Amusement Rides, Engineering Design, Miniature Models... and More!

Skyline does a lot more than just Crazy Couches! Our diverse offerings and commitment to tackle almost any challenge has enabled us to partake in projects big and small across the theme park industry. From record-breaking wooden roller coasters from our partnership with Great Coasters International, Inc., to small evacuation platforms, we’ve had opportunities to do it all. Below is just a sampling of our work!

Our bread and butter is amusement ride design and engineering. We’ve designed and engineered dozens of rides, including many of the world’s leading wooden roller coasters. Learn More

Platforms, queue gates, shade structures, and other ride elements are often taken for granted, but you’d notice if these critical components were missing. Learn More

We can bring ride and park concepts to life with our photo-realistic scale models and gorgeous computer animations. Learn More