Thrill Rides

Big Thrills, Small Price Tag

From its line-up of compact steel roller coasters to the most innovative of next-generation flat rides, Skyline’s offering of thrill rides is sure to complete any park. We take great pride in our budget-friendly collection of rides, suitable from the smallest family entertainment center to the largest park.

Our most-compact coaster, pairing a back-to-back airtime hill with a cutback inversion. Learn More

A figure-eight thrill ride with an elongated zero-g roll and an airtime hill.  Learn More

A vertical figure-eight with back-to-back, six-story Immelmann inversions. Learn More


Hydra Tower

Named after the mythological, multi-headed monster, this thrill ride will toss and turn you four stories in the air. More Info Coming Soon!



Up and down and all around, riders will feel like a juggler’s ball as they tumble and bounce upside-down. More Info Coming Soon!