Orbit II

The Experience

Passengers are seated in-line as the train begins to rock back-and-forth, quickly building up speed. The train soon has enough energy to pass over an airtime hill, down a dip, and up into a cutback element. Riders navigate these elements in quick succession, orbiting around a central point.

Orbit II is a sister ride to the Skywarp II attraction. Like its sibling, Orbit II offers big thrills in a small package. Also like Skywarp II, it has been re-designed and re-engineered, offering a smooth and reliable thrill ride that can meet any park or FEC’s budget.

The Stats

Footprint71 ft x 51 ft [22 m x 16 m]
Height30 ft [9 m]
Length227 ft [69 m]
Capacity20 passengers
10 passengers
Height Requirement48 in [1.2 m]

The Highlights

  • Skyline Attractions’ smallest thrill roller coaster, perfect for even the most compact of parks or family entertainment centers
  • Ideal for families with its inclusive height requirement and beginner thrill level
  • Different experience forward and backward, increasing re-rideability
  • One or two train options for increased capacity and enhanced visuals
  • Ability to install pathway or other attraction under center of ride

Orbit II Improvements

Skyline Attractions Skywarp II Improved Car Design

Orbit II has been re-designed and re-engineered with new track, new trains, a new drive system, and other improvements.

Skywarp II Weld-Free Track Design Fade

Orbit II Concept Images

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