Concept Animation

From Idea to Imagery, Our Conceptual Animations Bring Your Vision to Life

Skyline Attractions can bring your spark of inspiration to life and present even the most unique blue sky ideas as gorgeous 3D renderings. These lifelike visuals are instrumental in selling rides and attractions and help prospective customers visualize your product in their own space.

Promotional Videos

Skyline Attractions has unveiled exciting promotional videos for its most recent rides, as well as attractions from other ride manufacturers. These short clips combine a variety of camera angles, including points of views, reverse-POVs, and off-ride shots. The footage is tastefully edited together with music and transitions, and these animations can include riders, scenery, and other details.

Pictured – Video we created showcasing SkyBlazer for US Thrill Rides. The video included realistic physics and a full ring of animated riders, adding to the media’s realism.

Unique Conceptual Animation

Have a brand new idea and want to share it in an interesting, unparalleled way? Skyline Attractions can transform your concept from nothing more than a doodle on paper to a colorful, animated scene. We’re constantly increasing our arsenal of 3D design tools and continuously enhancing our animations.

Pictured – VR Tower Concept. Not only did we create the animation for the tower, but we also created a set of video game concepts to demonstrate the attraction’s capabilities.

Eye-Catching Unveilings

One of the best ways to introduce a new project is with an exciting promo reel. This is a great way to showcase not only what an upcoming ride does, but also its technical data: footprint, cost, height, etc. And with nearly unlimited control, you can place your project in a tropical oasis, a bustling amusement park, inside a family entertainment center, or even outer space!

Pictured – Our video introduction to the P’Sghetti Bowl roller coaster. Not only did we showcase how the ride could exist in an indoor location, but we overlaid a series of lighting effects to better highlight the unique roller coaster and grab viewers’ attentions.

Check out some of our additional work!

A partial portfolio of our 3D renderings, including roller coaster car designs, is included in our Portfolio page.

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