Family Rides

Thrills for the Youngest to the Oldest

Visiting an amusement park should be a great family activity, and our collection of family-friendly rides is a surefire way to accomplish that. We take pride in our attractions and their inclusivity – from the youngest of children to the oldest of grandparents and all the ages in-between, we guarantee our catalog includes something for everyone.

A family coaster custom-designed for your park, using the terrain to make an epic ride! Learn More

These miniature steel roller coasters are as twisted as a bowl of spaghetti! Learn More

A hybrid midway game, amusement ride where you can knock your friend skyward! Learn More

Our most-compact coaster, pairing a back-to-back airtime hill with a cutback inversion. Learn More

A figure-eight thrill ride with an elongated zero-g roll and an airtime hill.  Learn More