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From Roller Coasters to Platforms and Everything In-Between

Skyline Attractions’ impressive catalogue of amusement rides and attractions is complimented by our just-as-extensive list of design projects. Amusement parks, other ride manufacturers, and even companies outside the theme park realm have tapped into our capabilities to bring their visions to life.

Roller Coaster Design

Skyline Attractions’ team of visionaries has designed dozens of roller coasters across the planet, including many of the biggest and the best wooden roller coasters built by Great Coasters International, Inc. We’ve developed our own proprietary software to simplify and expedite the design process and generate unique layouts that conform to pre-established size and intensity limitations.

Pictured: Roaring Timbers is a wooden roller coaster located at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park in Kiên Giang, Vietnam that we designed and engineered for Great Coasters International, Inc. The unique thrill ride was custom-designed to take advantage of its hilly terrain. 

Roaring Timbers Lift Courtesy Sun World

Ride Design

In addition to roller coasters, Skyline Attractions has also transformed blue sky ride concepts into operational designs for other ride manufacturers. This process has included conceptual animation, engineering analysis, component design and fabrication, drawing and document creation, and successful design reviews.

Pictured: SkyBlazer is a first-of-its-kind thrill ride that Skyline we are designing, engineering, and delivering to COTALAND in Austin, Texas for US Thrill Rides.

Structural Design and Analysis

Skyline Attractions has provided structural analysis on a wide range of projects, including building expansions, fiberglass statues, maintenance and evacuation platforms, and queue awnings. Our involvement with a diverse range of structures both inside and outside the theme park industry has given us a unique perspective from which we now tackle any new project. This unparalleled advantage enables us to utilize clever and creative solutions to cut costs, time, and headaches.

Pictured: Skywarp II offers the thrills and fun of a larger roller coaster within a small footprint. A unique train design calls for innovative engineering solutions.


Design Reviews and Technical Documentation

Skyline Attractions has completed ride design reviews for attractions in the United States, China, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, and elsewhere. Our team is incredibly skilled at preparing for and completing design reviews, whether they be for CSEI, TÜV, or local jurisdictions.

Skyline has also been heavily involved in creating and organizing technical documentation for other ride manufacturers, including operations and maintenance manuals, assembly procedures, and quality assurance programs.

Pictured: Texas Stingray is Texas’ tallest, fastest, and longest wooden roller coaster. In addition to designing and engineering the ride for Great Coasters International, Inc., we successfully completed its design review so that the attraction could open on time for park guests.

Gates, Platforms, and Other Components

Skyline Attractions can provide essential ride components like queue railings, station gates, maintenance platforms, and other components. Our scope of work has included the design, analysis, and fabrication of these items, as well as on-site installation. Our wares can now be found in roller coaster stations and amusement ride queues across the United States, China, United Arab Emirates, and elsewhere.

Pictured: Queue gates are a necessity in any roller coaster station, including the Great White at Morey’s Piers. The simplistic but efficient design conforms to ASTM standards and allows for safe operations of the fan-favorite roller coaster.


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A partial portfolio of our engineering design services, including full roller coaster designs, is included in our Portfolio page.

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