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Our Work

Skyline Attractions is designing, engineering, and delivering the innovative new SkyBlazer ride for US Thrill Rides (Orlando, Florida, USA). The towering ride is the brainchild of amusement industry veteran Bill Kitchen, inventor of the SkyCoaster ride that can now be found on every continent sans Antarctica. SkyBlazer can be considered the next generation of this hugely successful thrill ride, enhancing the original experience with increased capacity and an innovative self-dampening system.

The first SkyBlazer is set to open soon at COTALAND amusement park at the Circuit of the Americas (Austin, Texas, USA). The attraction will be an iconic feature of the new property and will offer an unparalleled ride experience.

In addition to Skyline’s work in bringing the ride concept to realization, Skyline was also instrumental in the creation of conceptual animation and renderings that helped US Thrill Rides showcase the ride and successfully complete the sale.


Images of SkyBlazer