Crazy Couch

The Experience

Seated across a plus-size “couch”, up to ten passengers face outward as the row of riders tilts side-to-side and up-and-down in a zany, seemingly-random pattern. The unique children’s ride is just as much fun to watch as it is to ride, and parents will love being able to see the enjoyment on their child’s face as the craziest of couches performs its wacky motions.

The Highlights

  • Children can ride alone or with an adult. The middle two seats are modified to better accommodate adults, although adults may sit in any seat in which they fit
  • Two-panel sign with one panel moving independent of the ride, allowing for limitless theming opportunities
  • Easy installation and low maintenance with clever design techniques

The Stats

Footprint18 ft x 7 ft [5.5 m x 2 m]
Height10 ft [3 m]
Capacity10 / 340 pph
Height Requirement36 in [0.91 m]
Power Requirement240 V, 3 phase

Brass Ring Winner!

Crazy Couch was awarded the prestigious IAAPA Brass Ring award for Best New Kiddie Ride/Attraction in 2016

Crazy Couch Concept Images

Photos of Crazy Couch at Fun Spot America

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