The Experience

Transform your Skyline Attractions roller coaster into a spectacle of dancing lights and imagery with AURORA track-mounted LED display, a custom LED lighting package that can be installed directly to the roller coaster track’s top, bottom, and sides! AURORA is perfect for holiday overlays, paid sponsorships, private events, and more!

The Highlights

  • Bright and visible, day or night!
  • Rated for outdoor operations, including rain and snow. Panels include a protective layer to simplify the cleaning process.
  • All wiring is cleverly concealed and all electronics are spaced clear of the train’s running wheels.
  • Animations are easy to swap, including for the holidays!

Festive Holiday Overlays

Whether it is Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, New Year’s Eve, or any other holiday, the AURORA track-mounted LED display allows you to transform your coaster into a mesmerizing showcase fit for the season.

Featured: This spooky Halloween overlay is perfect for the fall! Dancing skulls, pumpkins, and candy corns float atop a shimmering background of creepy cobwebs.

Limitless Potential

There are infinite opportunities with the AURORA track-mounted LED display! We’ve barely scratched the surface of what this dynamic canvas of light and color can create.

Featured: This testing footage showcases some of the many uses for AURORA! Custom themes, private events, holiday overlays, and more!

AURORA track-mounted LED display images

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