Roaring Timbers


Our Work

Skyline Attractions designed and engineered Roaring Timbers, Vietnam’s first wooden roller coaster, for Great Coasters International, Inc. at the Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park in Kiên Giang, Vietnam. The ride is perched atop a hillside and makes great use of the terrain, diving and twisting over and around the land that it’s built upon.

Roaring Timbers is located in perhaps one of the most unique settings on the planet for an amusement ride: Hon Thom Island, a tropical paradise that’s only accessible via boat or a world-record cable car system that’s nearly 5 miles [8 kilometers] long! Given its unusual location, Roaring Timbers was almost fully constructed before it was even reported on!

The Stats

Height95.1 ft (29 m)
Length2,798.6 ft (853 m)

Roaring Timbers Photos