The Experience

These miniature steel roller coasters are as twisted as a bowl of spaghetti! The P’Sghetti Bowl is a child-friendly amusement ride that offers a unique and exciting ride experience to any park or family entertainment center for an affordable price.

Passengers on a P’Sghetti Bowl coaster ride in a train with two passengers per row. The train ascends a small hill and then navigates a series of twisted turns and drops. The layouts are more dynamic than those offered by our competition, creating a thrilling and fun experience for all riders while remaining accessible to little ones.

The Highlights

  • Six off-the-shelf models with increasing footprint, length, and thrill level, all while remaining accessible to children of all ages. Custom layouts available too!
  • Base frame option available for indoor or outdoor operation
  • Innovative track design that streamlines fabrication and increases savings, plus offers infinite customization opportunities
  • Inclusive train design that allows children and adults to ride together
  • Skyline Attractions is one of only a handful of American roller coaster manufacturers to offer steel children’s roller coasters!

Why Choose a P'Sghetti Bowl?

Innovative, Weld-Free Track Design

P’Sghetti Bowl is the first single-rail children’s roller coaster. Its monolithic track design is visually unique and stands apart from any similar product on the market. Beyond aesthetics, the one-of-a-kind design also utilizes an innovative, weld-free construction of folded sheet metal and rivets. This drastically reduces costs and maintenance while enabling us to introduce elements and customization opportunities previously unseen on this type of roller coaster.

Skyline Attractions P'Sghetti Bowl Innovative Track
Skyline Attractions P'Sghetti Bowl Cars

Inclusive Ride Vehicle

The P’Sghetti Bowl train consists of six two-person cars, each able to sit an adult and child or two children. The inclusive design allows for riders as short as 36 inches [91.4 centimeters], but adults can also comfortably ride. Each pair of riders is restrained by a single T-bar with foam padding for rider comfort. Optional seatbelts are available at a customer’s request.


Skyline Attractions is one of only a handful of American manufacturers to offer steel children’s roller coasters. The ride is designed, engineered, and fabricated all within the United States.

Skyline Attractions P'Sghetti Bowl American Made Cropped Gradient
000-1359 P'Sghetti Bowl Children's Coaster - Skyline Design - Model D First Drop Perspective View

Indoor or Outdoor Capabilities

Each P’Sghetti Bowl model is available with an optional base frame, preventing the need to lay concrete or drill into existing infrastructure. This expedites the construction timeline, cuts installation costs, and enables the ride to be installed practically anywhere. Its compact nature and modest height also allow for the attraction to be installed indoors in a facility with a ceiling height as low as 20 feet [6.1 meters].

Cost-Conscious Design at Every Step

Skyline Attractions has taken numerous steps to offer the lowest possible price tag while maintaining the highest-level quality and safety for a children’s roller coaster. Some of the many economical elements include a single operator station, tire driven lift hill without the need for a catwalk, and the innovative, weld-free track design. 

Skyline Attractions P'Sghetti Bowl Outdoors
Skyline Attractions P'Sghetti Bowl Track Theming

One-of-a-Kind Track Theming

P’Sghetti Bowl is the only single-rail children’s roller coaster on the market. This unique design not only reduces costs, but also allows parks and FECs to theme their whole ride. Possible themes include the deck of a rustic pirate ship, an extraterrestrial rocket ship, or a slithering snake. Lighting packages, including lights directly inset into the track, are also available!

Customizable Car Theming

The cars on P’Sghetti Bowl can be transformed into fun, new designs with custom vinyl applications. Possible themes include a pumpkin for a pumpkin patch, a racecar for a go-kart track, or a shark for an aquarium. The theming opportunities are endless!

Skyline Attractions P'Sghetti Bowl Custom Car Themes

Six Off-the-Shelf Models Available

From miniature to medium, P’Sghetti Bowl has six off-the-shelf models available to fit any location’s space and budget constraints. We also offer custom layouts for customers wanting something extra unique for their park or FEC.

Model A Coaster (185')

Model A is the smallest of the four P’Sghetti Bowl models and is an elongated oval with a curved drop and a series of miniature airtime hills. The ride is reminiscent of the small-scale roller coasters that used to populate kiddie parks across the country.

Download the Model A flyer here!

Footprint80 ft x 32 ft (24.4 m x 9.8 m)
(Fits under 20 ft [6.1 m] ceiling!)
Height14 ft (4.3 m)
Length185 ft (56.4 m)
Theoretical Hourly Capacity700 riders
Power Requirement50 kW

Model A Coaster (185') Images

Model B Coaster (235')

Model B is the second smallest of the four P’Sghetti Bowl models. It’s similar to Model A with a curved drop, but its airtime hills are combined with rapid back-and-forth transitions. It is more thrilling and slightly longer than Model A, but remains accessible to the youngest of thrill seekers.

Download the Model B flyer here!

Footprint100 ft x 32 ft (30.5 m x 9.8 m)
(Fits under 25 ft [7.6 m] ceiling!)
Height18 ft (5.5 m)
Length235 ft (71.6 m)
Theoretical Hourly Capacity700 riders
Power Requirement50 kW

Model B Coaster (235') Images

Model C Coaster (420')

Model C is a tightly-twisted knot of roller coaster track, passing over and under its own track six times as it navigates a series of highly-banked curves and a medium-sized airtime hill.

Download the Model C flyer here!

Footprint100 ft x 40 ft (30.5 m x 12.2 m)
(Fits under 30 ft [9.1 m] ceiling!)
Height22 ft (6.7 m)
Length420 ft (128.0 m)
Theoretical Hourly Capacity600 riders
Power Requirement50 kW

Model C Coaster (420') Images

Model D Coaster (410')

Model D is the most-elongated P’Sghetti Bowl layout. It has an emphasis on hills and a tightly-wound helix.

Download the Model D flyer here!

Footprint152 ft x 38 ft (46.3 m x 11.6 m)
(Fits under 30 ft [9.1 m] ceiling!)
Height22 ft (6.7 m)
Length410 ft (125.0 m)
Theoretical Hourly Capacity600 riders
Power Requirement50 kW

Model D Coaster (410') Images

Models E&F Coasters (550', 560')

Models E&F are a pair of intertwined roller coasters, allowing riders to race their friends and family on the other track. The E&F coasters are separate and can operate independently or in synchronization.

Download the Models E&F flyer here!

Footprint162 ft x 79 ft (49.5 m x 24.1 m)
(Fits under 30 ft [9.1 m] ceiling!)
Height23 ft (7.0 m)
Length550/560 ft (167.7/170.7 m)
Theoretical Hourly Capacity1200 riders
Power Requirement100 kW

Models E&F Coasters (550', 560') Video

Models E&F Coasters (550', 560') Images

Custom Layouts Available!

P’Sghetti Bowl is available in custom layouts to fit any location, terrain, or thrill level! A few ideas including a hillside thrill ride, an elongated track that wraps around the exterior of an FEC, or a unique layout built through and around existing infrastructure. The possibilities are endless!

Download the Customization Options flyer here!

Want to learn more about P'Sghetti Bowl? Contact us!

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