Great White Scale Model


Our Work

When SeaWorld San Antonio in San Antonio, Texas, USA was renovating its popular coffee shop, they turned to Skyline Attractions to add some kinetic energy into the space. We created two operating scale model amusement rides, one of which was based off the real-life Great White roller coaster at the park. The scale model was designed and created by Skyline Attractions VP Chris Gray.

To bring the miniaturized B&M inverted roller coaster to life, we utilized a modified version of the Coasterdynamix consumer product. Modifications included technical adjustments to the train designs, support structures, and base frame. The scale model is guest-activated, adding a fun interactive element to the display!

The Stats

Footprint36 in x 120 in [91.4 cm x 305 cm]
Height34 in [86.4 cm]
Length64 ft [19.5 m]
Cycle Time~60 s

Great White Scale Model Images