Legend Refurbishment

2017 – 2023

Our Work

Skyline Attractions has provided design and engineering efforts to Great Coasters International, Inc. for the multi-phase refurbishment of Legend at Arnolds Park in Arnolds Park, Iowa, USA. The historic wooden roller coaster originally opened in 1930 and, upon the refurbishment’s completion in 2023, will have been completely rebuilt.

Skyline’s involvement with the Legend refurbishment began in 2017, when sections of the roller coaster’s structure and foundation were analyzed and rebuilt. More recently, Skyline has assisted in the implementation of improvements on the ride’s lift hill and first drop. This includes updates to the mechanical system, new foundations, and new structure.

The Legend’s multi-year refurbishment ensures that the fan-favorite attraction continues to thrill generations of riders to come. It is among one of many restoration projects that Skyline has partaken in, saving pieces of roller coaster and amusement park history.

Legend Refurbishment Images