Orbit Scale Model


Our Work

Skyline Attractions a scale model for its smallest roller coaster at the time, Orbit, at the 2019 IAAPA Expo in Orlando, Florida, USA. The hyperbolic paraboloid-shaped family thrill ride included a cutback inversion on one end and an airtime hill on the other, plus a pair of dual stations on the edges. Our model demonstrated the flexibility a park owner would have with the ride’s interior space, which could be used for a pathway, queue line, or themed elements.

Like our other compact steel roller coaster models, Skyline Attractions utilized 3D-printed track and components to bring it to life. We worked with a local 3D printing location and actually created two separate, identical models for the tradeshow: one for our booth, the other for the 3D printing business. Both models were fully completed, including lush foliage and ride signage.

Orbit Scale Model Photos