Tidal Surge Scale Model


Our Work

Skyline Attractions designed and built a 1:45 Scale Model of Tidal Surge, the world’s tallest Screamin’ Swing ride from manufacturer S&S Sansei and among the most thrilling rides at SeaWorld San Antonio in San Antonio, Texas, USA. The miniature version of the mega thrill ride made its debut in the newly-renovated Coaster Coffee Company at the park in summer 2022, paired with an equally-impressive Scale Model of Great White.

The Tidal Surge Scale Model’s towers are comprised of laser-cut wood pieces with hand-painted details, and the gondolas and some structural pieces include 3D-printed components. While the full-scale attraction uses compressed air to swing riders skywards, the scale model is electric and chain-driven to mimic the original ride’s dynamics. The display is guest activated, creating a fun interactive element for park patrons and minimizing the scale model’s wear and tear.

The Stats

Footprint36 in x 54 in [91.4 cm x 137.2 cm]
Height (static)28 in [71.1 cm]
Height (dynamic)33.5 in [85.1 cm]
Cycle Time~120 s

Tidal Surge Scale Model Images