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Skyline Attractions premiered a gorgeous scale model of the TrailRunner Family Coaster at the 2022 IAAPA Expo in Orlando, Florida, USA. The 1/84 scale display showcased a custom layout for a TrailRunner installation, utilizing a space’s existing topography to create a one-of-a-kind roller coaster attraction. The model consisted of 3D-printed track and supports, dense miniature foliage, and the clever use of LED lighting strips to communicate the ride’s sense of speed.

Inside the 3D-printed track were over 1,000 addressable LEDs. A segment of light raced around the track, speeding up in valleys and slowing as it crested hills to showcase the theoretical train’s velocity. The light’s speed and color were fully customizable via remote control, and all of the electrical components for the scale model were neatly hidden inside a miniature building at the rear of the model. The one-of-a-kind display garnered waves of attention on the show floor and was highlighted in several IAAPA-related videos over the following month.

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