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Skyline Attractions has worked with Great Coasters International, Inc. on the multi-year refurbishment of Predator at Six Flags Darien Lake in Darien Center, New York, USA. The project began with approximately 250 feet [76 meters] of Titan Track added for the 2022 season, followed by additional 200 feet [61 meters] for the 2023 season. The first phase of the project in 2022 included nine sections of weld-free track, each including custom flat patterns generated with Skyline’s proprietary software. This software allowed for an expedited design and fabrication process. Skyline also made adjustments to Predator’s centerline in this area, enabling for a smoother and more comfortable ride experience. The 2023 refurbishment utilized the same software and updated a different section of the popular roller coaster.

Learn more about our work on Predator in 2022 in our Press Release!

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