Compact Coasters Conceptual Animation


Our Work

Skyline Attractions overhauled its compact steel roller coaster line-up in late 2021, introducing a trio of re-engineered and re-designed thrill rides that are perfect for parks and FECs of all sizes. These attractions are Skywarp II, Horizon II, and Orbit II. Each attraction now features a variety of improvements and modifications, including a sleek new train design with over-the-shoulder lap bars and a new, weld-free track design. To best showcase all these changes, we created digital versions of each attraction and placed them in a bright outdoor environment. We also created a stunning teaser animation, highlighting the improvements, and initially unveiled this new footage at the 2021 IAAPA Expo in Orlando, Florida, USA before uploading it online the following spring.

Skywarp II Images

Horizon II Images

Orbit II Images