Skyline Attractions unveils new website, teases new ride concepts

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Orlando, FL, USA – Skyline Attractions is thrilled to debut a new website and begin teasing a variety of new ride concepts, including several high-intensity flat rides and innovative roller coaster designs.

Skyline’s new website is the first major overhaul to the domain since it was first introduced alongside the company’s debut in 2014. The new website was created from the ground-up and built entirely in-house by the Skyline team. It contains all of the same information as its predecessor, in addition to new media, technical data, and opportunities for fans of Skyline to connect and stay up-to-date on the latest news from the company.

“The original Skyline website was already a great starting point for Skyline fans and customers to learn about our company and its offerings,” Skyline President Jeff Pike said. “The overhaul further improves that experience. We’ve included a ton of new photos and videos, an archive of our newsletters and press releases, and have begun to tease a handful of new ride concepts that we’ve been working on over the past year. All of these new additions are presented in a sleek, user-friendly design that really enhances the website browsing experience.”

One of the updates to the website’s design was a larger emphasis on the company’s monthly newsletter, including a sign-up form for it at the bottom of every page.

“Skyline has been consistently sending out monthly newsletters to journalists, enthusiasts, and others interested in the company and its products,” Pike said. “Although these newsletters have proven popular with their recipients, many theme park fans don’t yet know about them, and they’re not yet aware that anyone interested can sign-up to receive them. We think that incorporating a sign-up form in the new website design should help spread the word and get more people connected and in-the-know with our upcoming projects and concepts.”

Several new ride concepts are already being teased on the new website. In the Thrill Rides section of the website are listings for “Hydra Tower” and “The Juggler”, the Family Rides section includes “Boston Tea Party” and “Eazy Breezy”, and the Children’s Rides section lists “P’Sghetti Bowl”. Each of the five rides includes a short description, hinting at what the attraction will be like.

“We’ll be rolling out our new ride concepts ahead of the IAAPA Expo in November,” Pike said. “When we unveil each new concept, we’ll share it across all of our social media channels and in our monthly newsletter. We want to make sure that no one misses any of these exciting new products.”

About Skyline Attractions

Skyline Attractions, LLC is based in Orlando, Florida, USA and strives to be the best manufacturer of quality American-built rides that the most demanding buyers require. The company was founded 2014 and has since worked on the design and manufacturing of amusement rides around the globe.