Titan Track installed on Lake Compounce’s Boulder Dash for 2023 Season


Bristol, Connecticut, USA – Skyline Attractions is proud to share its involvement in the addition of 580 ft [176.8 m] of Titan Track to the iconic Boulder Dash wooden roller coaster for the 2023 season. Boulder Dash is one of several roller coasters this summer receiving Titan Track, a patent pending, weld-free roller coaster track designed and engineered by Skyline Attractions for Great Coasters International, Inc.

Since opening in 2000 Boulder Dash has been a fan favorite, thrilling riders as it races up and down the hillside and weaves through lush vegetation. With the addition of the Titan Track on the first drop and curve, Lake Compounce will be able to reduce maintenance and prolong the life of the ride, offering an even smoother, more enjoyable ride experience for park visitors for years to come.

Titan Track is a game-changing technology that eliminates the need for welding on steel roller coaster track, replacing it with a riveted and bolted connection system that is easier to install and maintain. Boulder Dash is one of multiple roller coasters to install Titan Track this year, with other installations including the new Zambezi Zinger at Worlds of Fun.

While Titan Track is added to Boulder Dash’s first drop and curve, the roller coaster will retain its award-winning layout and thrilling ride experience, including the existing rolling stock. Titan Track is a versatile product that is available from Great Coasters International, Inc. on both new and existing layouts. The experienced team at Skyline Attractions can exactly replicate existing ride centerlines, restoring rides to their former glory, or can enhance existing layouts with modifications.

 About Skyline Attractions

Skyline Attractions, LLC is based in Orlando, Florida, USA and strives to be the best manufacturer of quality American-built rides that the most demanding buyers require. The company was founded in 2014 and has since worked on the design and manufacturing of amusement rides across the globe, including world-record wooden roller coasters for Great Coasters International, Inc.