Skyline Attractions unveils new family roller coaster line-up, TrailRunner Family Coaster

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Orlando, FL, USA – Skyline Attractions is thrilled to announce its newest roller coaster model, TrailRunner Family Coaster. The ride features weld-free track, inclusive trains, and custom-designed layouts that can take advantage of any location’s existing terrain to create a unique ride experience.

“We unveiled P’Sghetti Bowl Children’s Coaster in 2021; TrailRunner is really the next step up,” said Skyline President Jeff Pike. “It features bigger trains, bigger layouts, and more thrilling forces and elements, but it keeps its cost-conscious price tag and family-friendly nature.”

TrailRunner riders board a 24-person train and ascend a lift hill to the coaster’s highest point. From there, gravity takes control as the train coasts through a series of twists, helices, and gentle drops. Alternatively, a customer may choose to swap the classic chain lift for a family launch, accelerating riders directly into the action.

“Like many of our recent projects at Skyline, each installation of TrailRunner will be designed with careful consideration given to every tree, every hill, every valley,” Skyline Design Engineer Tyler Mullins said. “This allows every park to have a totally unique attraction that not only retains the area’s natural beauty, but also enhances the ride experience with its clever usage of the terrain.”

TrailRunner can accommodate riders as low as 40” [102 cm], enabling families to enjoy the attraction together. The train has been specially designed to accommodate riders of all sizes, and each passenger has their own individual restraint for their comfort and safety.

Alongside the inclusive train design, TrailRunner features an innovative track design. Like P’Sghetti Bowl Children’s Coaster, as well as the Titan Track product that Skyline has designed and engineered for Great Coasters International, TrailRunner’s track is weld-free and consists of a series of folded sheets of steel that are riveted together. This drastically reduces fabrication costs and long-term maintenance, improves quality control, and allows for an incredibly smooth ride experience.

TrailRunner is fully designed, engineered, and manufactured in America. Skyline works with a variety of other American vendors and suppliers to bring all of its products to life.

TrailRunner will be showcased starting November 15 at Skyline’s booth, #4415, at the 2022 IAAPA Expo in Orlando, Florida, USA. TrailRunner is available now and can open as early as summer 2023.

About Skyline Attractions

Skyline Attractions, LLC is based in Orlando, Florida, USA and strives to be the best manufacturer of quality American-built rides that the most demanding buyers require. The company was founded in 2014 and has since worked on the design and manufacturing of amusement rides across the globe, including world-record wooden roller coasters for Great Coasters International, Inc. 

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