Skyline Attractions’ Aurora LED lighting system transforms roller coasters into a kaleidoscope of color

Orlando, FL – Skyline Attractions is excited to showcase the expanded capabilities of its Aurora LED lighting system. Preliminary tests of the lighting package on a full roller coaster have been successful, and the product will be further showcased at the upcoming 2023 IAAPA Expo, November 14-18, in Orlando, Florida.

Aurora was originally unveiled at the 2022 IAAPA Expo, where it garnered significant attention from amusement park operators and visitors alike. The system transforms a Skyline Attractions roller coaster into a kaleidoscope of light and color, with endless theming and sponsorship opportunities.

“Aurora is the most innovative and exciting roller coaster lighting system on the market,” said Jeff Pike, President of Skyline Attractions. “It allows us to create truly unique and immersive experiences for our customers and their guests.”

Aurora features bright, visible LED panels that can be installed on the top, sides, and even underside of roller coaster tracks. This ensures that the entire ride is engulfed in light, regardless of the layout.

Aurora’s lighting capabilities are endless. Some examples include:

  • Holiday overlays: Aurora can be used to create stunning holiday overlays, such as a spooky Halloween overlay, a festive Christmas overlay, or a celebratory New Year’s Eve overlay.
  • Private events: Aurora can be used to create custom lighting displays for private events, such as birthday parties, corporate events, and weddings.
  • Paid sponsorships: Aurora can be used to create paid sponsorship opportunities for businesses and organizations.
  • Nighttime displays: Aurora can be synchronized with a nighttime firework, drone, or laser display.
  • Themed displays: Aurora can be used to create themed displays for roller coasters, such as an aquarium of colorful fish or a video game inspired racetrack.

Skyline Attractions can create and provide custom animations to fit any customer’s unique needs and wants. The company also offers a variety of pre-made animations that can be used to get started quickly.

Aurora animations are not limited to following the linear path of the track. Each individual pixel has been mapped in 3D space, so animations can encapsulate the full surface area of the ride. This allows for truly creative and eye-catching displays.

“We’re excited to see how our customers use Aurora to create new and innovative experiences for their guests,” said Pike. “The possibilities are endless.”

Aurora is available now for P’Sghetti Bowl Children’s Coaster, TrailRunner Family Coaster, and compact steel coasters. To learn more, visit

A small section of track with the Aurora LED lighting system will be available to view at the 2023 IAAPA Expo, November 14-18, in Orlando, Florida. The first installation of the Aurora LED lighting package is with the KID FLASH Cosmic Coaster, opening soon at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio, Texas and Six Flags Over Georgia in Austell, Georgia.

About Skyline Attractions:

Skyline Attractions is an amusement ride design and manufacturing firm based in Orlando, Florida, USA. With a strong focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Skyline Attractions designs and engineers a variety of rides for amusement parks worldwide. Their portfolio includes the P’Sghetti Bowl Children’s Coasters, TrailRunner Family Coaster, and a collection of compact steel coasters. Skyline Attractions also provides its design and engineering services to Great Coasters International, Inc. and has designed and engineered many of the company’s premier rides, including Texas Stingray, Roaring Timbers, and the new Zambezi Zinger.

Aurora LED Lighting System - Testing Photos