Blast Into Orbit

Orlando, FL, USA – Skyline Attractions is thrilled to announce the launch of the Skywarp Orbit. This is the latest addition to the galaxy of Skywarp attractions, which include the successful Skywarp Classic and Skywarp Horizon. Be one of the first to see the concept at the upcoming IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando, Florida.

“Skywarp Orbit was developed as an attraction along the same lines as the rest of the Skywarp coasters: big thrill, visually impacting and most of all, fun. The small overall size lends well to fitting into tight spaces and budgets. From family-owned properties to theme parks we continue to offer a great coaster experience for a small price and small footprint,” said Chris Gray, Partner and Vice President.

The concept builds upon the success of Skywarp Horizon, which opened at Sea World San Diego in May 2019 and has been extremely popular with park-goers of all ages. The California installation featured an updated track design that significantly minimized ride noise and improved ride quality. Skywarp Orbit features elements that ride lovers crave- negative G’s on the airtime hill and a cutback inversion. The small footprint means that ride can fit many places traditional coasters cannot. In addition, the structure height lends the ride to being utilized indoors, allowing parks to activate buildings on property.

Ride it yourself at and talk to Skyline at the IAAPA Expo, booth 4010!

Ride Stats

Experience: Two separate collections of vehicle carriers, separated by zero cars
Height: 30 feet (9 meters)
Footprint: 71 X 51 ft (22m X 16m)
Track Length: 221 feet (61 m)
Instant Capacity: 28

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