Orlando Amusement Incubator

Skyline Attractions

Orlando, Florida, USA – Orlando is undoubtedly the center of the amusement universe with a higher concentration of amusement parks and amusement related companies than any other location on the planet.

The Amusement Incubator was born from a pure passion for the industry by founders Bill Wydra, Chris Gray, Jeff Pike, and Evan Souliere. Bill Wydra, who has founded 12 other companies, said, “It is our goal to help other emerging entrepreneurs get the footing they need to make their dreams a living, breathing, and growing reality. There is nothing more thrilling in life than to start and grow your own company… except, of course, if the company you are starting is actually all about THRILLS!” One of Wydra’s companies, Ashland Technologies, Inc. has ranked on the INC5000 fastest growing private companies list for the past five years straight, and he hopes he can help others do the same.

Although starting a company is very challenging, starting one in the amusement industry is even more difficult, as it is a very tight industry with many barriers to entry. The incubator will help sole proprietors or small start-up companies through daily interaction with industry veterans who can help break down those barriers such as funding, risk analysis, engineering/patent support, marketing, and business planning. One of the founding sponsors, Skyline Attractions, holds a global summit for college engineering students during Spring Break each year.

The Amusement Incubator will start with only 10 openings, so applicants should act quickly. Applications can be found at www.amusementincubator.com starting 12/12/14. Participants will pay a small month-to-month fee that will include a personal workspace, common area conference facilities, internet access, printing, copying, and faxing services, as well as a friendly receptionist to greet clients.

Wydra concludes by saying; “I believe one of my sole purposes in this wonderful lifetime I have been granted is to create employment experiences unlike any other. Whether this be providing an entrepreneur just the right support at just the right time or by providing the right tools, support, and autonomy to feel a sense of ownership and excitement no matter what their role with the company. This incubator helps us serve this mission. When people have careers that excite them, all life around them is better!”

Opening: January 5, 2015
Location: 3923 Forrestal Ave. Orlando, FL 32806
Website: www.amusementincubator.com (Live Date – 12/12/14)
Founding Sponsors: Skyline Attractions, LLC; Ashland Technologies, Inc.; Honolulu Hot Dog