Skyline Attractions introduces next generation of compact steel coasters

Skyline Attractions Skywarp Orbit Render 03

Orlando, FL, USA – Skyline Attractions is thrilled to usher in the next evolution of its compact steel roller coasters: Skywarp II, Horizon II, and Orbit II. The trio of small footprint, big thrill attractions is the successor to the original Skywarp family of rides and each model has been completely redesigned and reengineered to offer an improved ride experience and increased reliability.

“Skyline Attractions first unveiled the Skywarp roller coaster in November 2016 ahead of the IAAPA Expo,” Skyline President Jeff Pike said. “The idea behind the unique ride was to offer big roller coaster thrills in a compact footprint and for a fraction of the cost of the competition. We wanted to make a family-friendly thrill ride that was accessible to any park or family entertainment center, whether it was a destination resort or a local, family-owned location. The next iteration of these rides maintains that same goal, enabling a more diverse range of parks to build their own roller coaster that otherwise wouldn’t have been able to.”

The first generation of the Skywarp family of rides saw two installations: Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California, USA, and Tidal Twister at SeaWorld San Diego in San Diego, California, USA.

“Looking toward the future, we’re excited to take the experience gained on our first two steel roller coasters, as well as the wealth of knowledge and experience from our design and engineering work on a series of world-class wooden roller coasters, and apply it to our line of compact steel roller coasters,” Pike said.

Improvements applied to the Skywarp II, Horizon II, and Orbit II roller coasters over their original incarnations include:

  • Modified drive systems to more efficiently, smoothly propel the train
  • Updated control systems to reduce installation costs and reduce unexpected downtime
  • Modified seats and restraints to more comfortably secure a wider range of passengers
  • Reduced number of operators to lower operational costs
  • Modified centerline for better “dueling” visuals on two train variants
  • New track design for more efficient installation and smoother ride experience
  • Improved train design for easy maintenance inspections


“We’re thrilled to introduce this next generation of our compact steel roller coasters,” Pike said. “Making these improvements not only creates a better, more enjoyable ride experience, but also helps us achieve our original goal of making a thrilling, budget-friendly ride that’s accessible to parks of all sizes.”

More info on the improvements and modifications will be released soon.

About Skyline Attractions

Skyline Attractions, LLC is based in Orlando, Florida, USA and strives to be the best manufacturer of quality American-built rides that the most demanding buyers require. The company was founded 2014 and has since worked on the design and manufacturing of amusement rides across the globe