Skyline Attractions launches!

Skyline Attractions Logo

Orlando, FL, USA – Four amusement industry veterans announced today the founding of Skyline Attractions, LLC. Chris Gray, Jeff Pike, Evan Souliere, and Bill Wydra boast more than 50 years combined experience in amusement ride and device development. They will bring their lifelong passion for amusement parks and spectacular new ideas to life through Skyline Attractions, LLC and a subsidiary company, Skyline Design, LLC. The partners described the exciting details in the following statement:

We’re thrilled to announce the forming of the Skyline companies. We’ll be providing amusement operators of all sizes with amazing rides and devices year after year.


We got together some time ago and discussed the shortcomings in what manufacturers offer to the amusement industry – an industry we all love. We’re here to fill those gaps. For years, we have been hearing operators asking “What’s new?” and “Where to next?” Skyline’s mission is to answer these questions with new and innovative attractions for fixed-site and traveling facilities every year.


Skyline Attractions, LLC will allow the four of us to harness our combined talents and focus our passion to bring to market new and exciting experiences that our customers’ guests are going to love. We will deliver fun, safe, and reliable American-built attractions using high-quality components, impeccable attention to detail, and first-rate customer service. The first of several of those new ideas is already in development, and there are dozens more we are eager to begin work on!


Our subsidiary company, Skyline Design, LLC, is tasked with the research and development of the innovative new ride and game concepts to be distributed by Skyline Attractions. We will also invent proprietary ride devices as we seek to integrate technology into our product line that will have broad applications throughout the industry. Additionally, we will support industry customers in achieving their amusement goals with our technical and operational knowledge, including cooperating closely with Great Coasters International, Inc. on select wood coaster ride designs.


Our history and experience are huge benefits, but balancing experience and new talent will be critical to Skyline’s long-term success. If you’re passionate about fun, Skyline wants to hear from you! We will always be looking for fresh ideas to keep Skyline awesome.


We’re focused on garnering respect from our customers and employees through fair and responsible business practices, and we look forward to building real relationships with our customers as we develop our ever-growing product line.


Keep an eye out in the coming weeks as we release information about our first product, officially launching on August 1. If you like “new,” you’ll love it!


You can find us online at, on Facebook at, and on Twitter @skylineattrax.

Jeff Pike, Chris Gray, and Evan Souliere, formerly of Great Coasters International, Inc., have a combined 40+ years of experience in the design, sales, operation, and maintenance of amusement rides, including more than 25% of the world’s operating wood coasters. Bill Wydra has founded several successful companies, most notably Ash-Tec, Inc., a high-quality custom contract metals manufacturer providing amusement equipment for almost 20 years that has been ranked on the Inc. 500 / 5000 “Fastest-Growing Companies” list for five consecutive years.