Skywarp Orbit Offers Big Thrills in a Small Size — Now with Single Train Option!

Orlando, FL, USA — Skyline Attractions continues to innovate its exciting line-up of thrill rides with the newest iteration of Skywarp Orbit, now with the option of single train operation!

Skywarp Orbit already combines two of the best features that thrill seekers crave — negative G’s on a banked airtime hill and sustained hangtime in a cutback inversion. And not only do riders get to experience both of these thrilling elements multiple times as the train snakes around the oval-shaped track, but riders also get the thrill of riding it forwards or backwards, thanks to Skywarp Orbit’s unique face-to-face seating.

With the new option of single train operation, Skywarp Orbit retains these exciting elements and electrifying visuals, now at a lower price tag! Skywarp Orbit with one train operation is available at a reduced upfront cost, in addition to reduced operation and maintenance commitments over the ride’s lifetime. No other manufacturer can offer a bigger thrill for a smaller price tag.

“With its small footprint, the ride can fit into many places that a traditional roller coaster cannot, and its height allows for Skywarp Orbit to be built indoors. This compact size, paired with the low price tag and high thrills, makes Skywarp Orbit the perfect addition to any amusement park or family entertainment center,” said Skyline President Jeff Pike.

Skywarp Orbit was originally added to Skyline’s diverse collection of unique rides and attractions last November, following the successful debut of Skywarp Horizon at SeaWorld San Diego in May 2019. The California installation incorporated numerous design upgrades that enhanced the experience for park goers and maintenance staff alike: an updated track design that significantly minimized ride noise and improved ride quality, a new bogie design that allowed for a smoother ride experience and less maintenance, and an overhauled mechanical drive system which prioritized easy access for park technicians. All of these improvements are incorporated into Skywarp Orbit.

Skyline Attractions has also been keeping busy with its design services for parks and other ride manufacturers. Skyline has partnered with Great Coasters International to provide the design and engineering that brought Texas Stingray at SeaWorld San Antonio to life, in addition to the wooden roller coaster company’s new Infinity Flyers train design and Titan Track steel track design. Skyline has also collaborated with major theme park companies in the Orlando area and across the country. They would love to work with you in structural and mechanical design and engineering, sign-off and certification, aesthetic and ergonomic design, digital media, photo-realistic models, and custom industry solutions.

Ride Stats

Experience: A cutback inversion and banked airtime hill, placed back-to-back with the train speeding through both thrilling elements multiple times
Height: 30 feet (9 meters)
Footprint: 71 X 51 ft (22m X 16m)
Track Length: 221 feet (61 m)
Capacity: 14 passengers

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