P’Sghetti Bowl Children’s Coaster the perfect addition for any zoo, aquarium, or FEC

Skyline Attractions P'Sghetti Bowl Zoo Concept

Orlando, FL, USA – Skyline Attractions’ newest product, the P’Sghetti Bowl Children’s Coaster, is the ideal addition for any zoo, aquarium, or FEC in search of a new family-friendly attraction. The miniature steel roller coaster is highly marketable, offers unlimited customization opportunities, and is designed and engineered to fit into any location’s space and budget constraints.

With its cost-conscious price tag, P’Sghetti Bowl enables any location – even those that do not yet have amusement rides – to invest in a high-quality, American-made ride experience. Amusement rides are extremely marketable and provide zoos and other locations with an additional revenue stream. The inclusion of amusement rides can also encourage customers to spend more time at a business and increase repeat visits.

“Our new P’Sghetti Bowl attraction is perfect for any zoo, aquarium, or other entertainment location,” Skyline Attractions President Jeff Pike said. “It’s a low-cost, big-impact investment that will help locations stand apart from their competition.”

One of the unique elements of P’Sghetti Bowl is the limitless customization opportunities. Skyline Attractions offers car theming with custom vinyl applications. This can transform a roller coaster car into an exotic animal, a safari vehicle, or anything else. In addition to the opportunity to theme cars, zoos and other locations also have the ability to theme the track – a first in the amusement industry.

“With the single-rail design and relatively modest size of these rides, we have the opportunity to be the first ride manufacturer to allow a park or FEC to theme the roller coaster track itself,” Skyline Attractions Vice President Chris Gray said. “Instead of looking like a roller coaster track, it could now look like a snake, a racetrack, or whatever a customer wants to fit their theme.”

Skyline Attractions P'Sghetti Bowl Track Theming 2

P’Sghetti Bowl can be customized with themed track, transforming a normal-looking roller coaster into something exotic, like a slithering snake

This theming opportunity allows zoos and other locations to match a P’Sghetti Bowl installation to new and existing themed areas. Lighting packages can be directly inset into the track to enhance the ride’s appearance.

In addition to its marketability and customization opportunities, P’Sghetti Bowl’s innovative design reduces costs and maintenance while improving quality control and allowing for a smoother, quieter ride. P’Sghetti Bowl’s track utilizes a first-of-its-kind weld-free construction of folded sheet metal and rivets. P’Sghetti Bowl’s trains are also designed and engineered to offer a smooth and quiet ride.

P’Sghetti Bowl is available with six off-the-shelf models, as well as custom ride layout offerings. Each P’Sghetti Bowl layout includes a single-operator station, tire driven lift hill, and a series of twists and curves. The ride can be installed indoors or outdoors, and each model maintains the same low 36 inch [91 centimeter] height requirement and an inclusive train design that makes them accessible to riders of all ages. The P’Sghetti Bowl lineup is designed and engineered to be fun and thrilling for both children and their parents.

“It’s one thing to watch your child have a blast on a ride, but it’s even better when you can ride with them and genuinely have as much fun as they are,” Pike said. “The P’Sghetti Bowl trains have been designed to accommodate an adult and child, or two children, in each row. The layouts are also interesting and dynamic enough that we think older riders will still find them exciting.”

In addition to the off-the-shelf models, Skyline Attractions is offering custom layouts. These custom layouts can include multiple lift hills, interactions with the terrain, and can be tailored to fit any zoo’s or location’s space constraints and budget.

The P’Sghetti Bowl ride line-up is available now for as early as a spring 2022 installation. Check out the P’Sghetti Bowl product page for more information, and contact us today to start the conversation on installing one of these child-friendly roller coasters in your park or family entertainment center!

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