Titan Track installed on Six Flags Darien Lake’s Predator for 2022 season

Predator at Six Flags Darien Lake with Titan Track

Darien Center, New York, USA – Skyline Attractions is thrilled to share its involvement in the installation of approximately 250 feet [76 meters] of Titan Track on the Predator roller coaster at Six Flags Darien Lake in Darien Center, New York, USA. Predator is among the latest wooden roller coasters to receive Titan Track, which is a weld-free roller coaster track designed and engineered by Skyline Attractions for Great Coasters International, Inc.

Titan Track is an innovative roller coaster track that consists of custom-built steel composite sections that are mechanically fastened with rivets, removing the need for continuous welds or cold-forming techniques. This method reduces maintenance, expedites the installation process, and offers an incredibly smooth and quiet ride experience.

Predator originally opened at Six Flags Darien Lake in 1990 and was manufactured by the defunct Dinn Corporation. The ride has remained popular among park guests for over thirty years, and the addition of Titan Track to the ride will help it continue to entertain thrill seekers for years to come.

The Titan Track added to Predator is comprised of nine sections of track, including a large banked curve. Each section includes custom flat patterns that were generated with proprietary software developed by the Skyline Attractions team, expediting their design and fabrication. Skyline also made adjustments to the attraction’s centerline in this area, enabling a smoother and more comfortable ride experience.

The removal of preexisting wooden track, installation of Titan Track, and testing procedures were all completed within a two week period in April. This fast turnaround showcases the product’s ability to be quickly installed on existing rides, even during a park’s operating season.

In addition to directly replacing wooden track on existing rides with Titan Track, Titan Track can also be used to revolutionize existing rides with new elements, including inversions and airtime hills. Titan Track can be used with an existing rolling stock or new trains from Great Coasters International, including the Millennium Flyer and Infinity Flyer train designs. Titan Track is also available for ground-up installations.

Predator is just one of two rides to receive Titan Track in 2022. Wolverine Wildcat at Michigan’s Adventure also received approximately 200 feet [61 meters] of Titan Track, installed on its first drop and second hill.

Skyline Attractions has also worked alongside Great Coasters International on many other recent projects, including the design and engineering of Texas Stingray at SeaWorld San Antonio, Roaring Timbers at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park, and the development of the Infinity Flyer train design.

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